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Pool Opening & Closing

The PoolBUSTER Difference…

Each year more than 200 homeowners task PoolBusters to open and close their pool.  Where we differ from the competition is in the method with which we choose to close each of our customers pools.  Our system includes the lowering of the waterline to just below the returns.  By following this method we can ensure without any doubt that the return and skimmer lines are completely free of any water which can freeze and expand possibly cracking the lines.  Other companies do not take the time to utilize this practice and simply put expandable foam in the returns or cap the returns underwater while compressed air is shot through the line.  These methods are inferior and could harm your swimming pool lines resulting in extensive repairs and homeowner expense. 

For Openings in addition to the standard opening tasks we take the time to powerwash your pool deck and the waterline left on the liner.  We also lube your gaskets and inspect the pumping, filtration, chlorinating and heating system to identify any necessary repairs that may be needed.

So now that you know we do more than our competitors you will be surprised that we also charge considerably less. Yes LESS!
2019 Pool Opening Pricing

Area 1 - Fonthill, Welland, Fenwick
Safety Cover - $259.99
Traditional / Beaded Cover - $279.99

Area 2 - St. Catharines, Grimsby, Niagara Falls
Safety Cover - $269.99
Traditional / Beaded Cover - $289.99

Area 3 - Fort Erie, Port Colborne
Safety Cover - $299.99
Tradional / Beaded Cover - $339.99

Opening Kit - $39.99 plus tax

Premium Start Up Cleaning:


  • Pool Surfaces vacuum (up to two return visits)
  • Salt Cell Cleaning 
  • Cartridge Filter Cleaning / Fresh Start Sand filter cleaning
  • Waterline scrub, Rail cleaning, extended power wash of deck and accessories.
Safety Cover Pools - $170
Tradional / Beaded Covers - $130

Prices are for pools with safety covers. Additional fee for pools with tarp covers and waterbags are based on time spent removing water and debris.

All Chemicals are extra. Opening/Closing Kit contains 1kg Oxidizer/Clarifier, 1L Algaecide, 1L Stain and Scale control for $39.99 Reg. Price.
170 Highway 20
Fonthill, Ontario
(Behind Mossimo's)

Mon - Fri: 9am - 7pm
Saturday: 9am - 5pm
Sunday: 10am - 4pm

(off season hours may change)


"Excellent and professional service, went over and above to fix my pool issues, even when other companies said it couldn't be done!! PoolBusters fixed it 100% - highly recommend!"
Matt Shaw