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Pool Liner Replacement

The replacement of swimming pool liners is our specialty. With over 800 successful liner replacements we have the experience to ensure that each of the liners we install fits like a glove every time.

Liners are custom measured to your pools specifications.  Once measured the data is entered into a CAD program which creates a rendering of the to-be manufactured liner.  The liners are made in Canada and use only virgin Canadian vinyl.  All of our liners now come standard with Latham’s “Ultra-Seam”TM technology.  This process process makes floor seams stronger and virtually invisible. No more visible lines on the floor detracting from the beauty of the pool!

Pool Liner Options

With a wide choice of patterns you can be sure that your new liner will fit and look great.

Oxford Electric Aquarius  
Seaside Glacier

Bali Blue Granite

Barolo Prism DuoMax

Cambridge Royal Prism

Cancun Blue Granite

Chesapeake Gemstone

Capri Fresco

Charleston Prism

Cobalt lake grey mosaic

Courtstone Natural Grey

Courtstone Blue

Coventry Prism

Hampton Seaglass

Indigo Milarble Blue Granite

Legends Dp Blue Fusion

Milarble Inlay Crystal SuperMax

Milidnight Barolo Natural Grey

Milountain Top Blue Milosaic

Ocean Barolo Natural Blue

Pacific Tide Prism

Panama Royal Prism

SantaCruz Sand Stone

Stone Braid Royal Prism

Summerwave Deep Blue Fusion

Tan Sierra Gold Pebble

Terrazzo Coral

Vintage Milosaic Blue Milosaic
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"Conscientious, reliable, very communicative. It's what you want in a pool service. Very happy."
Anne Marie Wolochatiuk